From punk to pin up, sass to class you'll find it at Rockabilly Lane.

Here at Rockabilly Lane we have made it our mission to bring you affordable, unique vintage and rockabilly styles of clothing right to your door via our online store!

Rockabilly Lane strives to bring you a seamless online shopping experience with exceptional customer service. Every time.

Nothing is a problem here at the Lane. We truly value each and everyone of our Betties (see the definition of a Rockabilly Lane Betty below) and will strive to be the best online store we can be.

'Definition of a Rockabilly Lane Betty'

'To be a Rockabilly Lane 'Betty' one must have; sass or class or both.  You can be a hot Betty, shy Betty, loud Betty or quiet Betty. We'll allow gorgeous and pretty Betties and hot dang smoking Betties, we also love an awkward Betty. We'll take va va voom Betties or demure Betties, punk Betty or pin up Betty, tattoo covered Betties and Rollerskating Betties, how about a business Betty or a Mummy Betty. All kinds of Betties!~~~

What we're really trying to say is, we understand that all Betties come in different shapes and sizes and from all walks of life we want to cater for each and everyone of you! 

Yours truly Cyley and Shannon